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Happy new week  . Banggood is an online store that deals in basically everything needed for daily activities . Available on banggood are ; electronics , cell phones and accessories , both male and female clothings , shoes and bags , jewelries , toys , home and gardens , health and beauty , automobile and motorcycle etc .
On the blog today are some of the printed / patterned clothings and shoes i personally like on the store .


belly fanny pack : http://bit.ly/2JQEyfM


touch screen watch : http://bit.ly/2LNMvQ7


paperboy hat : http://bit.ly/2JQMFsI


mens thongs : http://bit.ly/2JwRkAF


Xiaomi mini Shaver : http://bit.ly/2t3cbAB


FLYCO Rechargeable Razor : http://bit.ly/2JOgr1b

Flyco® FS338 Intelligent  IPX7 Speedy Electric Shaver

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LED strip light:https://goo.gl/saugQ5

LED strip light:https://goo.gl/saugQ5

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The first time I will make my channel on YouTube and I will present you with a Gift , review product , Unboxing , a Tips and the clothes I get from the companies I work with. I hope you like the video and always new

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She has beautiful clothes and accessories entering the summer
A beautiful day with my favorite company, Rosegal, which I love so much, so there are all the things you want, especially if you are out of fashion clothes. You will love this site because it is urgently needed and at a reasonable price, now its black color pants are beautiful. I choose the pure silver belt that you will love this store and I am sure that I will leave you after the pictures of the products I have taken and enjoy your time

 Hello guys
A beautiful day with my favorite Banggood  is one of those great online webshops where you can find almost everything you need, if not everything! They have clothes, accessories, jewelry, toys, DIY supplies, decorations, phone cases, technology and much more. Everything is very affordable 
now you choose the product is the stabilizer video
and i will invite you to see the pictures and enjoy Your time

1.5kg Handheld Video Stabilizer With Gopro Adapter For Canon Nikon Gopro SJCAM Phone DSLR Camera

Tripods & Supports:https://goo.gl/Cm2t2U

Shop it here : https://goo.gl/Cm2t2U


The Professional Steady Video Stabilizer is designed for use with camcorders, DSLRs, HD DSLRs, etc. It provides excellent stability and reduces camera vibration during video recording. 

Color: Black  Red
Material: Aluminum
Maximum Load: 1.5kg
Main Pallet Width: Approx. 5cm/ 1.97 inch
Cellphone Holder: Approx. 5-11cm/ 1.97-4.33 inch
Fit For: Canon Nikon Gopro SJCAM SJ4000 Phone DSLR Camera
Click here : https://goo.gl/Cm2t2U


Using lightweight aluminum, lightweight and durable
In the rear counterweight increases weight, can achieve a better balance and stability
universal rotary handle, making more space arm activity, also shows the professionalism of this stabilizer
Curved design, to support the camera with head, tail to increase the weight, and by the middle of the controller,can quickly adjust the balance
It also features a rubberized, non-slip mounting surface so your camera attaches securely, and a rubber-covered hand grip for comfortable shooting

Click here : https://goo.gl/Cm2t2U

Shop it here :  https://goo.gl/Cm2t2UBanggood:https://goo.gl/9jcrfp
Click here : https://goo.gl/Cm2t2UBanggood:https://goo.gl/9jcrfp

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I am back with a new company and it was amazing: Zaful
Although I adore this site. I always want to buy from it. For me fashion and clothing are a way of life for me, well and more obsessed with it. I always find myself browsing through retail clothing stores online. Sometimes without even the slightest hint to buy anything. I love the beautiful things painted.
Today I will give you this product // I got this hoodie that he designed from china and he's gorgeous and he has a tie on his back for his girl girl but he is beautiful and fits my clothes

Hooded Rose Graphic Print Side Slit Hoodie - 

Click here : https://goo.gl/8q4YEG


Material: Cotton,Polyester 
Clothes Type: Hoodie 
Shirt Length: Regular 
Sleeves Length: Full 
Style: Fashion 
Patterns: Color Block,Floral,Print 
Thickness: Regular 
Occasions: Casual ,Daily Use,Going Out 

Shop it here if you lik e it ↪: https://goo.gl/8q4YEG

Click here ↪ : https://goo.gl/8q4YEG

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How are you a beautiful day with my favorite company Dresslily which I like very much where there is all the things you want especially if you are one of the fashion you love the clothes you will love this site now I chose a hoodie orange and a Head of skull Ring and jacket gray and hat and shoes his a perfect quality will invite you to see the pictures and enjoy your time

 Elk Head Pattern Faux Suede Hunting Hat

Shop it hat click here :  https://goo.gl/EhoYGH

Longline Rib Cuff Zip Up Coat

Product description

Coat Suitable for cold

Couples in Autumn and Winter Double Zipper High Shoes

Product description

The shoes are gorgeous, light and high quality
Click here if you want like her :  https://goo.gl/iW67D7


       Alloy Double Skull Cuff Ring

Click here : https://goo.gl/1GNtpJ

if you want like her click on this link : dresslily
Hoodie is a good quality and it is very nice cotton and warm and fits anything and has a character on the back in a wonderful color

Loose Hip Hop Street Style Hoodie

Product description

Click this link to get it :  https://goo.gl/WJ4X8q

Enjoy your full time and do not forget to click on the links
hoodie : https://goo.gl/WJ4X8q
coat :  https://goo.gl/AcsB9G
ring : https://goo.gl/1GNtpJ
hat : https://goo.gl/EhoYGH
shoes : https://goo.gl/iW67D7

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