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Hello guys
I'm back with a new company and it was amazing: Banggood
Although my closet already overflowing with them. And some are still unused and still have him. Fashion and apparel-up is a way of life for me, well .. Well ... more like an obsession. I always find myself browsing through retail clothing stores online. Sometimes without even the slightest hint to buy anything. I love beautiful things and I am drawn to it.
Today I will give you the products that took the << hat and t-shirt >> 
Now I'll show you a picture If you want to take such clothes click here : 

take your time :)

Crâne de noire d'été hommes printé 3d t-shirt manches courtes cool

1. le diagramme de taille tout comme un guide pour vous aider à choisir la bonne taille.
 Veuillez mesurer votre corps et choisir votre taille en conséquence.
 la taille peut donner ou prendre 2cm/1 pouce en raison de la mesure de la main.

                                  1 - t-shirt here ---> : click here for the product
                                    2  - hat here ---> : click here for the product

Crâne de noire d'été hommes printé 3d t-shirt manches courtes cool

description :

 matériel : coton mélangé
 Nous taille: s, m, l, xl
 tag taille: l, xl, 2xl, 3xl

Hommes Femmes Vintage 424 Broderie Papa Baseball Cap Sports de plein air Golf Snapback Hip-hop Hat

The description:
Sex: Unisex
Style: Baseball cap
Material: Cotton blend
Wreaths: Flattened
Shape of the canopy: curve
Black color
Design: Embroidery

If you have any note tell me in a comment

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